The Complete Timeline of Everyone That Has Worked for Jeff Lewis...

...and then got fired (or left)!

Jeff Lewis has had many employees through the years – some worked really hard and moved on to other projects, while other employees (many others) just didn't have what they needed to make it work at Jeff Lewis Design. Scroll through this very thorough timeline of his past employees and watch some memorable videos of the old JLD team...

Season 1: Brant & Stephen

Season 2: Chris E. & Chris K.

Season 5: Trace & Sarah

Flipping Out
Trace May Need Diapers for His Evaluation
Flipping Out
Sarah Gets Fired

Inbetween Season 5 and 6: Jett

Flipping Out
Zoila vs. Jett

Season 6: Katrina

Season 7: Andrew

Flipping Out
Andrew Quits!
Jeff wants to get the truth out of Andrew but Andrew can't handle the questioning.

Season 8: Joe

Season 9: Matt

Inbetween Season 9 and 10: Ashlyn

Season 10: Taylor & Vanina

Flipping Out
Taylor Gives Jeff Lewis a Harsh Review
After only 90 days of employment...
Flipping Out
Jeff Encourages Vanina to Start Her Own Business
And happily offers his help...
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