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Before and After: Dr. Jonelle's Dentist Office

Who could hate the dentist when the office looks like this? Check out Carson and Thom's makeover of Dr. Jonelle's office. 

Before and After: Laurie and Jeff

Since their kids are growing up, Carson and Thom give parents Laurie and Jeff a home upgrade with a Vegas-inspired bar and a new bedroom. 

Before and After: Sara and Ehud's Forever Home

See how Carson and Thom transformed Sara and Ehud's "forever" family home despite their polar opposite tastes in design! 

Before and After: Lucas' Basement Gym

Get inspired by Carson and Thom's creation of a gender-inclusive gym in Lucas' basement. 

Before and After: Akim's Bakery

Carson and Thom transform Akim's cupcake shop, The Bakery on Bergen, into a bakery hip enough for Brooklyn locals.

Before and After: Joe and Lisa

Thom and Carson transform a grand room and bedroom opulent enough to make Michelangelo's statue of David jealous.



Before and After: Kenyatta and Rudy

Check out this amazing living room transformation that even shocked a critical Interior Designer. 

Before and After: Scott's Studio Apartment

Take a peek inside the "Coming of Gay-ge" inspired bachelor pad. 

Before and After: Zenobia's Psychic Parlor

Look inside the spirit-approved transformation that Carson and Thom created for psychic Zenobia.

Before and After: Sherrie and Dave

Look inside the beautiful transformation of their living room and "man grotto."