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Tiny House Nation

220 Sq Ft Bohemian Escape

S1/EP7 | Aired:
December 5, 2018
A young Ohio couple builds a 220 sq. foot tiny house on a trailer so they can travel for work, but they have some larger-than-life demands for the space--like a recording studio and a quilting area. (43:24)
Tiny House Nation

210 Sq Ft Rochester Studio Retreat

S1/EP6 | Aired:
November 30, 2018
A young Rochester couple builds a 210 sq. foot tiny house. He loves to brew beer and she loves to exercise. John and Zack must figure out a small way to include the couples large hobbies. (43:24)
Tiny House Nation

River Escape

S1/EP5 | Aired:
November 26, 2018
A family of four builds 336 sq. foot Tiny House on their river rafting resort in East Tennessee. But the two teenagers want their own separate space. So our hosts John and Zack have to create private sleeping quarters for four adults. (00:00)
Tiny House Nation

172 Sq Ft Dream Castle

S1/EP4 | Aired:
November 19, 2018
A young Tennessee couple is moving into a tiny house with a toddler in tow. Hosts John and Zack design a 172 sq. foot space that includes a pink castle, full kitchen and master bedroom with privacy. (43:24)
Tiny House Nation

150 Sq Ft Mobile Bachelor Pad

S1/EP3 | Aired:
November 16, 2018
A young bachelor from Massachusetts builds a 150 sq. foot mobile Tiny House with New England charm on the outside and modern technology on the inside. (00:00)
Tiny House Nation

Tiny Haunted Houses

S1/EP2 | Aired:
November 2, 2018
This special episode of the design competition series will celebrate Halloween decor, food and costumes, along with the Tiny House movement. (43:25)